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  P A U L   D A V I S  
  (no longer in) Los Angeles, California

 Kauai, May 1998

Maui, October 2000

Maui, October 2002

 Hawaii, May 2006

The Unofficial
Paul Davis Registry

If you are looking for a Paul Davis, I'm the one from Boston, but I've been living in Los Angeles since 1975.

As you may know the singer/songwriter
Paul Davis sadly passed away in April 2008. Someone forwarded me
this information.

Click on the following link to see some other guys named Paul Davis with whom I've made contact:

Paul Davis Registry

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Pauley's Garage
Most of this site was devoted to my love for
all things related to cars

Parking By Design
My other web site...more than you'd ever want
to know about safe parking

My Consulting Page
Professional information from my work days

My Resume
Needless to say old and outdated (I'm referring to the resume!)

The Marble Story
Very inspirational!

The Ladder Story
Inspirational in a different way.

Boston Type & Comp-Grid
What the hell is a Comp-Grid?

The Davis Automobile
It was a spacey little thing

Photo Album
Random pictures - not very well-organized

California Job Case
Do you know what it is?

Misc. Stuff
Miscellaneous artwork and stuff


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Hey, they finally made
a movie about me...

I guess that sums it up.


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